First Planting Day between PUCE and FAP


On Saturday, October 8, together with Responsible Travel, Alibú, biologists, and biology students from the Pontificia Universidad Católica del Ecuador, the first planting day corresponding to the "1 million trees for Ecuador" program until 2024 was held.

Below, we present an extract of what was this fruitful and enriching day.

Organizations such as Responsible Travel and Alibu, which have been staunch contributors to various FAP programs, decided once again to bet on the environment, and on this occasion, they not only contributed financially but, together with their employees, collaborated with manual labor in the first Planting day in Ciudad Bicentenario. 

Teachers, students, administrative staff of the PUCE and municipal authorities were also part of this day.

On a morning day, the removal of earth, removal of stones, excavation, and sowing, combined with the bright and scorching sun of the Mitad del Mundo sector, form the new homes where the plants will rest and develop from this moment.

The species planted on this day were alder, walnut, ash and black myrtle. All beneficial to the soil.

Walnut, ash and black myrtle are native species that can be found in many sectors of the capital.

The result of this valuable work is to have managed to plant around 100 trees that will serve not only to fix CO2 from human activities but will also beautify the Ciudad Bicentenario (Middle of the World) sector.

The positive impact generated in all attendees is another valuable result for their personal growth and environmental awareness.

We thank the Responsible Travel Tour Operator and the Ecuadorian enterprise Alibú "Tu Alimento Sano" for collaborating on this first day of planting, which in addition to seeking a greener world, serves to strengthen that connection with the environment that provides us with so many benefits.

We encourage any entity concerned about the environment to join this environmental program, so necessary in our country.

In the same way, we extend our gratitude to the Pontifical Catholic University of Ecuador for the logistics carried out, providing the mobilization, specimens, materials, refreshments, and the necessary encouragement to successfully carry out this first day of planting.

Finally, we thank the Municipality of Quito for granting the land to carry out this first day of planting between PUCE and FAP.

Learn more about the "1 million trees for Ecuador" program of the PUCE and how to join, click on

Find out more about the services and products offered by the companies that participated in the first planting day together with the PUCE.

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¡There is no such thing as a small cause when it comes to the environment!

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