Fundación Amazonía Productiva is an Ecuadorian organization that harmoniously integrates human, economic, and environmental resources into concrete projects and actions, seeking ecologically sustainable and economically viable habitats.

The projects carried out, carried out and carried out by Fundación Amazonía Productiva are intended and focused mainly to provide a positive change in Ecuadorian society. In the economic field, promoting fair trade to achieve a more equitable economy among small, medium and small producers; in the social, supporting less favored communities both in the educational and personal ambit. In the environmental, through projects that allow the recovery of nature and at the same time educate society to achieve a conscious transition to harmonious coexistence with the environment.


At present, we are actively working on social and/or environmental projects. These projects are 5:

The Chaka - Sucúa project provides comprehensive educational support to 20 young individuals with limited economic resources and at-risk in general basic education in the Julio Padilla Educational Unit in the canton of Sucúa during the school year (September - June). The main objective is to reduce school dropout and absenteeism at the higher basic level through direct support to adolescents to improve their quality of life and to be role models in their communities.On the other hand, Adopt a Tree Project gives the opportunity to contribute to the fight against climate change and the preservation of the environment. Finally, the 'Carbon Offset' project aims to offset the carbon footprint generated by tourism in Ecuador through reforestation in Loja and the Galapagos Islands, while also supporting the education of young people in Loja.

We encourage conglomerates, corporations, companies, ventures, partnerships, communities and anyone to join one of our projects in any way they can. Remember that the smallest donation can mean the beginning of a new life for another person or the recovery of a forest where wildlife can live together again. The amount is not the main when the intention to help reigns in the consciousness of man.

Learn more about some companies and ventures that support the Fundación Amazonía Productiva´s projects:

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