Puente & Asociados conscious about the environment


The legal firm Puente & Asociados is conscious of the environment. Its conviction to offset its carbon footprint reached an agreement through Fundación Amazonía Productiva to do it.

Since Fundación Amazonía Productiva made the decision to ally with PUCE, the good news has not stopped coming. On this occasion, we want to share the following information that fills us with joy both for the Foundation and the environment.

Puente & Asociados consciente por el ambiente

As part of the "1 million trees for Ecuador", project implemented by the PUCE, the environmentally conscious legal firm Puente & Asociados has decided to join this initiative that seeks to afforest and reforest sectors of the country affected by erosion.

 “Puente & Asociados Estudio Jurídico, was born in 2001. Since then, three elements have been adequately combined: dreams, which conceived Puente & Asociados as a Firm; the human team, highly qualified and committed to a mystique of service; and corporate values: responsibility, efficiency, professionalism, honesty and corporate social responsibility" (1) and from now on they can add value which all companies should implement: environmental awareness.

We feel honored that the law firm Puente & Asociados trusted the 1 million trees for Ecuador program and Fundación Amazonía Productiva to carry it out.

It is gratifying that private companies such as Puente & Asociados, aware of and more concerned with seeking a greener world, turn around and support these environmental causes that are so necessary in these times when climate change is no longer just a problem for industrialized countries but for everyone.

We encourage more institutions of any kind concerned and responsible for the environment to continue joining this necessary and noble initiative.

More information about Puente & Asociados and the services they offer https://www.puenteasociados.com/

To learn about the 1 million trees for Ecuador program of the PUCE and how to join https://1millondearboles.ec/

Or you can write through any of our social networks to do it through FAP.

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