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The educational reality of the Shuar communities

realidad educativa

The educational reality in the current context of the pandemic has undeniably affected education. This existing reality in certain areas of the Ecuadorian population that, due to their almost zero access to technology, continue with their studies has been one of the greatest challenges they have currently faced, while many have already chosen to give up and leave their studies (approximately 90,000 students nationwide).


According to the Institute of Statistics and Censuses, by 2019 only 45.5% of the population at the national level had internet access in their homes and, specifically in rural areas, only 21.6%. This lack of resources in the telecommunications sector notably affects rural, peripheral, and border areas, thus limiting universal access to education.

The indigenous communities within the Amazon have been among the populations that have suffered the most consequences since not all families or communities have managed to achieve adequate technological and connectivity conditions, much less now in times of pandemic. Despite the classes taught by radio, television, and online and the great efforts of teachers and parents, the educational reality indicates that many students have not been reached.

The Shuar communities around Sucúa are not oblivious to this educational reality. Before the pandemic, they already had limited access to education. In fact, a few years ago, there were no baccalaureates to which they could access. However, they have shown that they want to continue their studies, and as time goes by, the improvement in their educational level is increasingly evident, so fundamental for the development of any community or society. So, despite all the conveniences, students do not give up.

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Given the lack of connection and devices to carry out their tasks, several children have had to get together to do their work in groups and use the money from their school lunches to buy internet recharges.

Today, we can all be part of the change, supporting the students of these communities. Together with Fundación Amazonía Productiva, we can contribute so that these young warriors, who are looking for a better future, can acquire study materials and pedagogical support, in addition to having a telephone recharge that provides them with the internet connection they need.

Being part of the cause is simple, and you don't need to leave home. You can contribute with donations for telephone recharges and school supplies to change this educational reality. Contact us through our social networks or directly by donating to the bank account:

Fundación Amazonía Productiva

Pichincha Bank

Cta. Cte. 2100207118


RUC: 1691712768001

In addition, to be able to open a new computer center for the use of the community, we are looking for people who can donate computers. If you know someone who has a chance or you are part of a company that would like to contribute, please, do not hesitate to contact us.


Learn more about of https://responsibletravelsa.com/es/ who contributes for telephone recharges in the Shuar communities that need it

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