The eco-store managed by Fundación Amazonía Productiva is a space where small producers and local businesses can exhibit their products to the distinguished public that regularly or frequently follows our page. Also, to people who visit our page for the first time or support fair trade and the equitable economy among all its actors. Next, we expose in our eco-store some of the products made by the partners that FAP supports.

Thank you for checking out our online store. For every purchase you make, you support:
1. Ecuadorian ventures with environmental awareness and natural products.
2. Our reforestation projects
3. Bringing education and health to Amazonian communities

NB: Support Fair Trade fights for greater global economic, social, human, and environmental justice. Also, it promotes sustainable development by guaranteeing better commercial conditions and ensuring the rights of less favored producers and workers.

To remember: Organizations that conform to and promote fair trade must comply with and apply ten principles. Which are:

  • Opportunities for disadvantaged producers.
  • Transparency and responsibility.
  • Fair business practices.
  • Fair pay.
  • No to child labor, no to forced labor.
  • No to discrimination, gender equality, freedom of association.
  • Good working conditions.
  • Capacity development.
  • Promotion of Fair Trade.
  • Respect for the environment.

Learn more about the enterprises that trust Fundación Amazonía Productiva to promote their products in our Ecostore:

Kawsana Coffee:


In the same way, if you want to adopt a tree to offset your carbon footprint, commemorate a loved one, give it as a gift for a birthday, contribute to the fight against climate change, or whatever your motivation, go to:

Adopt a Tree Program

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