The Chaka Sucúa project provides comprehensive educational support to 20 young people with limited economic resources and at risk of primary education in the Julio Padilla Educational Unit of the Sucúa canton during the school year (September - June).

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The main objective is to reduce school dropout and absenteeism at the upper education level through direct support to adolescents to improve their quality of life and be role models within their communities.

This project was born because of the statistics in the institution, which indicate that 12% of the students drop out each year. The principal causes are poor academic performance, emotional problems, pedagogical and methodological factors, economic status, and early pregnancy. For adolescents, the result hinders their future path, leading to a life of difficulties, falling into addictions, and increasing early pregnancy. According to the Ministry of Education, the highest school dropout rate is in Morona Santiago, representanting 12.42%, the highest in Ecuador.

The activities carried out by the Chaka Sucúa project from Monday to Friday for 3 hours are:

* Nutritious lunch
* Directed tasks
* Teaching and practice of values


During the first year, the results were encouraging. It has been concluded that adolescents with daily support, discipline, and good nutrition show better self-esteem, more confidence in their daily activities, and more organization when it comes to doing and completing tasks, resulting in passing the year without difficulties.

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This is about you too. It is an opportunity to get out of the routine for a few weeks and have a new adventure, where you will have the chance to meet new friends and do something productive for the benefit of others. There are many options to support these young people, contact FAP, and we will be happy to inform you.


You can support the Chaka Sucúa project to ensure the child's well-being in a community as if you were part of their family.
This support can be:

  • Donation of school uniforms and shoes
  • Donations of school supplies or technology tools
  • Food
  • Clothing, may be used (in good condition).
  • Volunteering

• You can make a donation to this cause by clicking on the following link

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