Second day of planting together with the PUCE


On Saturday, October 15, 2022, the second planting day was held in the San Antonio de Pichincha sector, in the La Marca urbanization. 

Segunda jornada de plantación 1

On this morning session, staff from the Quito Municipality, administrators, professors, and students from the biology course at PUCE, Responsible Travel, Puente & Asociados Law Firm, and volunteers came together to plant more than 2000 native zone plants. For some of these species, we can mention:

Alder – Alnus acuminata: Tree species that reaches 20 meters in height. It is also known as aile.

Cholán – Tecoma stans: Originally from the Andes. Easy to reproduce, this tree reaches 15 meters in height.

Ash tree – Fraxinus chinensis: Fast growing, the ash tree reaches 30 meters from the ground to its zenith.

Yalomán – Delostoma integrifolium: Coming from the Andes and fast growing. This specimen can measure up to 20 meters in height.

The planted species are mostly native to the area and all are efficient in soil recovery.

For this second day of planting, La Delicia Zonal Administration (to whom we are deeply grateful) prepared the soil and dug the necessary holes so that the people in question could dedicate themselves to planting and filling it with the same soil mixed with hydrogel. This allows the plant to take better advantage of the water it absorbs. 

We recognize and thank La Delicia Zonal Administration for such laudable work and support.

On the other hand, the contribution made by the firefighters to provide the necessary water to irrigate the plants and the EPMAPS to supply the people with the vital liquid was invaluable. From Fundación Amazonía Productiva, we thank these entities for contributing to and assisting with this planting.

Likewise, we express our gratitude to the Engineers College who provided the land for planting, as well as the refreshments that they generously distributed among those present.

We encourage organizations of any kind to join initiatives like these, which are so necessary in current times.

It is pleasing to realize that when the public, private, and student sectors come together, actual actions arise that allow us to achieve the objective that these activities aspire to give back a part of everything that the environment offers us.

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