For FAP, the conservation and preservation of the environment combined with volunteering are one of the most important aspects with which we work, for this reason, we invite everyone to be part of this reforestation project.

For FAP, the conservation/preservation of the environment is one of the main aspects with which we work. Therefore, we invite you to be part of this reforestation project. 

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The parish of San Antonio de las Aradas belongs to the canton of Quilanga (southern part), province of Loja, located in the south-western part of the Republic of Ecuador.

It has an altitude of 1640 meters above sea level and an extension of 110.30 km². According to the last census conducted in 2010, the parish has a population of 1700 inhabitants.

It is a town dedicated to agriculture as well as livestock with pastures for cattle, pigs, goats, and poultry.

Voluntariado 4

Unfortunately, in 2019, there were 91 fires only in the province of Loja, causing a total of 6339.00 hectares to be burned.

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The largest fire occurred on 05 September 2019, affecting the parishes of Fundochamba and San Antonio de las Aradas in the canton of Quilanga, consuming around 4411 Ha. To date, according to the National Service of Risk Management and Emergency report, the fire subsided.

Sadly, the fire affected approximately 100 community members, as well as the micro-watersheds of Fundochamba and San Antonio de las Aradas, pastures, coffee plantations, and animals. Another difficulty apart from fires is mining. The latter generates major environmental problems, especially in the water drains that supply water to the population centers and irrigated crops.

For all the reasons mentioned previously, it has been decided to take action to mitigate the environmental impact by reforesting with native plants, which counteract the process of erosion, as well as reducing CO2 in the atmosphere and generating O2. For this reason, it is of utmost importance to train the community in environmental practices, as they will be the ones in charge of conserving and caring for their homes, as well as transmitting the knowledge to future generations so that these practices can be maintained.


  • Reforestation/conservation pilot project (Research stage)
  • Informative workshops on climate change and the importance of conservation and reforestation (School and/or Parish Council)
  • Workshops on Reforestation of native species (School and/or Parish Council)
  • English classes (School and/or Parish Council)
  • Coordination of planting


The stay is in a private room at a family home.


Duration Price
Daily                17.50
Weekly           120.00
Monthly           495.00


Land transportation Quito - Loja
Normal bus one way: 21 usd
Sleeper bus one way: 40 usd

Land transportion Loja - San Antonio de las Aradas: 5 usd (only one direct bus "transporte Catamayo")

*Prices may vary depending on the socio-political situation. (especially gas prices)


“From March to June worked as a volunteer in the FAP office. My mainly responsibility was to work on the development of the website but also on administrative tasks such as forms for the schools. Additionally, I did translations for the website of the foundation. In April visited three schools in Puyo with Patricio. The meeting with the children and teachers in Puyo was fantastic. The children, loved to take pictures and enjoyed showing us how they do the practical work at school with the plants and animals. It was amazing to be able to have the experience of visiting and seeing how they run around in the school and the jungle. If I had more time, I would have spent a few weeks at the school with them ¡I would love that! The schools are surrounded by beautiful nature, and I think it's fantastic that the children can learn through practical work. I have also worked in marketing for FAP, promoting Coffee and Cocoa/Chocolate. These products have very good quality therefore I think that FAP can export to other countries. I would love to see these products in coffee shops in Norway. I think FAP is an amazing foundation, and I will remember my experience in Norway with good memories. My volunteering with FAP also helped me a lot as I now have a practical work experience in the organization's industry, this is very good for my future education as I am going to Hawaii to do my Master in Global Leadership and Sustainable Development. I can say that I fell in love with Ecuador as a country and that FAP was part of making my experience perfect. I will come back to Ecuador! I want to thank Flor, Patricio and everyone in the office for making this an amazing experience possible."
Lene Marie Johannessen