THE AMAZON PRODUCTIVE FOUNDATION includes Cultural Management among its projects, especially literary dissemination. To achieve this, it has the group "Interstellar Poets," managed and founded by the Poet Edwin Antonio Gaona Salinas. Their activities take place on a monthly basis, with poets from approximately 70 countries around the world. Their management has set the goal of writing about the 17 sustainability principles of the UN as a means to raise awareness among the general public and inspire action regarding the use and enjoyment of human rights. Additionally, they engage in strictly technical activities to enhance the aesthetic quality of poetic works.

As a literary group that deals with copyrighted works and aims to protect authors, it has been founded as a private entity. This structure allows authors to receive recognition for their work, and they have the sole discretion to share their creations outside the group as they wish.

Therefore, authors who wish to create poetry and participate in free events can search for the group on Facebook by typing in the name, which is: “Poetas Intergalácticos” and you can request to join with the sole condition of respecting its members, as the group internally promotes a culture of peace.

Indeed, the Interstellar Poets are a group of artists who journey through the universe, spreading their art. Their mission is to leave behind poems with rich tropology, in other words, to create literary figures based on the realities they encounter in each of their worlds. In doing so, they explore the diversity and beauty of poetic creation in various contexts and cultures, as advocated by the Amazon Productive Foundation in its various projects.


On the other hand, the activities and events are directly managed by the Administrator, in such a way that, with the selfless participation of collaborating poets, they organize monthly events with the aim of encouraging poets to continue creating high-quality poetry for the planet.

This management is non-profit, and participants engage in it for cultural and literary purposes. The incentives provided are primarily online but may also be physical when announced or planned for physical events.


By introducing the lyrical species of "La Gaonesa" and successfully registering it in the National System of Intellectual Rights in Ecuador, Poet Edwin Antonio Gaona Salinas, with the support of the Amazon Productive Foundation, promotes this poetic form. The foundation also organizes poetic events that aid in spreading the technique for crafting neoclassical verse.

"La Gaonesa" is a neoclassical verse form, specifically a duodecima, with the following structure for shorter lines: abcbadbdacdc, and for longer lines: ABCBADBDACDC. It can be used as a monostrophic poem or as a stanza in polystrophic poems, where other structures are applied, giving rise to symmetric and asymmetric variants.

One of the most well-known and recently awarded variants is "La Gaonesa Realenga" or "Aradeña," which received recognition in the III INTERNATIONAL POETRY AND POETIC PROSE CONTEST "ESPEJO DE ALICANTE."

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