Reasons to support local business


Supporting and consuming local commerce brings an enormous amount of benefits to the societies in which it takes place. Consuming local allows us to develop a virtuous cycle from which we all benefit since it becomes support that returns as a job or common well-being.

Considering that, in Ecuador, more than 90% of companies are SMEs (micro, small and medium-sized companies), local consumption is a strategic point for economic reactivation very necessary in times of pandemic.

This practice turns out to be a sign of empathy among Ecuadorians.

It is very important to highlight that, although the growing trend in online purchases affects consumer behavior and limits local consumption to a certain extent, this does not impede supporting ours. Remember Ecuador First!

For all the above, on this occasion we mention some specific reasons why local consumption is important:

1. Local commerce improves the economy, which directly affects you

Shopping at the neighbor's store, or national agricultural products helps the money invested in businesses in our neighborhoods continue to circulate within the area, generating jobs and taxes, and over time, achieving a better quality of life for both on a social as well as a personal level.

2. Local commerce produces less pollution

One of the local commerce principal direct impacts has, is lower spending on transportation, therefore, a lower carbon footprint. Being able to go shopping on foot at the neighborhood store is a way of reducing the environmental impact of our purchasing decisions. Also, you can always buy from national brands that are environment friendly. For example, all the products supported by Fundación Amazonía Productiva that are sold or promoted through our eco-store are from small national companies that produce biodegradable products and have environmental and social responsibility as part of their principles.

3. Local commerce promotes the best customer service

The closeness offered by the treatment of small businesses with their customers is indisputable. In small neighborhood stores and others, it is where they remember the name, tastes, stories, and needs of neighbors or buyers in general, even treating them as family.

Compared to the big chains, although they seek the well-being of their clients, it is not equal to the warmth received in the neighborhood premises.

Get to know organizations that Fundación Amazonía Productiva supports and promote local and fair trade. These are:

Erika Lombeyda Sustainable Jewelry


If you think there is any other reason that we have not mentioned, let us know in the comments.

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