“If I knew the world end tomorrow, I, still today, would plant a tree.”

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Erika Lombeyda Sustainable Jewelry is an author jewelry firm, conscious of how the jewelry industry harms the environment and, thus, wants to mark the difference and be responsible to nature.

Sustainable jewelry is an example of how we can behave in life and a reminder that an ecological option not necessarily means an austere existence since we can surround ourselves with beauty and even high-quality jewels, recycling, reducing, and reusing.

It offers different earrings collections, necklaces, and bracelets; also, the possibility of personalized your jewelry.

Erika Lombeyda Sustainable Jewelry is an organization truly committed to change, which seeks to use sustainable and environmentally friendly materials, both for the creation of its products and for packaging.

Currently, he allocates part of his income to the FAP “Adopt a Tree” program, becoming a great ally for our cause. We are honored and proud to work as a team with Erika Lombeyda Sustainable Jewelry.