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The forest species planted in San Antonio de las Aradas are:

– Arupo-Chionanthus pubescens: Originally from southern Ecuador, it has a red to pink bloom. They reach 10 meters in height. 

– Higuerón-Ficus luschnathiana: Named too «ibupoy», this tree reach 15 meteres in height.

– Lalatume-Cedrela fissilis: Known as "missionary cedar", it is a tree that grows up to 30 meters high. It is native to Central and South America.

– Subo-Ficus yoponensis: Tree found throughout Latin America. The height it reaches is 40 meters. 

– Avocado-Persea americana: Also known as alligator pear, this tree up to 20 meters high is very distinguished throughout the world.

– Guabo-Inga edulis: Fast growing tree native to South America. Its growth ranges from 7 to 15 meters in height. It can develop in humid and poor soils in an excellent way.

Reference coordinates for the location of the plantation:

San Antonio de las Aradas-Quilanga-Loja

LAT: -4,362643

LON: -79.399688

You can see the trees's location here

Scientists from the University of Oxford have recognized that planting trees is the best method to absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and counteract global warming. According to the FAO, a mature tree in South America can absorb up to 150 kg of CO2 per year.

Being part of the "Adopt a Tree" program of the Productive Amazon Foundation, they support us in the fight against climate change. Additionally, it contributes to improving the economy of local families, responsible for the reproduction, planting, and care of trees.

Learn more about Adopt a tree project at

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