Alibú reaffirms its environmental commitment


Alibu reaffirms its commitment to the environment by joining the PUCE project "1 million trees for Ecuador".

This venture has contributed for several years to the “Adopt a tree” Fundación Amazonía Productiva program to offset its carbon footprint.

Alibú reafirma su compromiso

The project implemented by PUCE counts in its ranks from this moment with Alibú, “a family entrepreneurship born to offer healthy products and 100% naturals, no preservatives, no artificial sweeteners, thus feed good, favors health and quality life of the persons”(1).

Alibú and its environmental conscience

Throughout this time, Alibú has demonstrated its awareness and commitment to the environment together with FAP.

Alibú, its concept of using biodegradable packaging and wrapping, plus to be conscious that factory activities generate an environmental impact, which must be compensate, has decided join to this noble cause to reach 1 million trees planted until 2024. So, Alibú reaffirms its environmental commitment to continue forest and reforest vulnerable places that need recuperate along Ecuador and return a part of what our planet gives us.

From Fundación Amazonía Productiva, we extend our gratitude to Alibú for trusting in us – not only now but for several years – to implement environmental projects, particularly this time.

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To learn more about the project "1 million trees for Ecuador" click on the following link

Or you can also write to us to find out how you can do it through FAP.

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