We start August with excellent news


It is always pleasant to share good news, and what better way to start the eighth month of the year, August, with excellent news. Here we tell you what it is about.

Fundación Amazonía Productiva, concerned about quality education in the less favored areas of Ecuador, has received donations for several years that encourage personal growth in children and young people in our country.

Agosto con una excelente noticia

In the first week of August, we were pleased to receive a donation from a citizen who generously delivered more than 50 books of various categories, among which we can mention didactic books and magazines, general and Ecuadorian history, stories, and various topics in education, among others.

As can be seen in the graph, most of the books are in perfect condition, increasing the value of the gesture.

This donation is just not an expression of solidarity that the people have towards the most vulnerable zones of our country, but also represent that opportunity for the underprivileged children and teenagers seek to find that much-needed knowledge that will allow them to have a better future for both themselves and their communities.

The books will be sent to our Chaka Sucúa program so that they can be used mostly by the children of the primary section.

A part of the books (the collection) will be destined for both children and young people who are in college.

We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for this noble gesture. We hope that more people, entities, and companies donate to this cause and thus build a more equitable society with the same opportunities (especially educational) for all.

We cannot express our happiness for this act. Once again, we thank you for allowing us to start August with excellent news.

Find out more about the Chaka Sucúa program managed by Fundación Amazonía Productiva at https://fapecuador.org/es_ec/proyecto-chaka-sucua/

Learn about https://responsibletravelsa.com/es/ organization that has contributed to our social and environmental programs.

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