Unity is variety, and variety in unity is the supreme law of the universe.

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Alibú is a family business that was born in Ecuador in 2018 to offer healthy and 100% natural products without preservatives or artificial sweeteners. That is why they choose fruits since they are fundamental in the daily diet and, above all, because Ecuador has a privileged location and the perfect climate for growing a wide variety of fruits throughout the year.

Among the products offered by Alibú are:

Fruit Infusions: Fun and delicious infusions should be available to everyone. We are the only ones that offer combinations like these, obtained through a delicate selection and dehydration process. We have five flavors for you to enjoy: passion, joy, fantasy, tropical, and temptation.

Snacks: Dehydrated fruits 100% natural. The fruits in this mix were carefully selected to create an explosion of flavors in your mouth. It is perfect to take anywhere and combine it with your favorite drinks or dishes. This nutritious snack has flavor, aroma and textures that your customers will love.

Aromatic herbs: divided into two presentations. Breathe: composed of eucalyptus, mint, ginger, and chamomile. Woman: made from fig leaves, chamomile, lemon verbena, calendula, and cinnamon.


The Alibú culture is committed to the care of the environment and the planet, which is why they try to use ecological materials in most of their packaging and labels, which are made 100% with sugar cane free of chemicals and bleach, in addition to your daily recycling practice.

«After years of experience in various disciplines within various sectors, such as technological, financial, ecological, artistic, communication, foreign trade, security, and food, hand in hand with our philosophy of life and the dream of being able to offer food alternatives healthy. Born with a lot of love and effort, ALIBÚ, a family entrepreneurship project made up of Jorge, Carolina, Leslie, and Fabien, who come together to give 100% of their knowledge and dedication, and thus fulfill this great dream.»